Our Services

Our work spans an array of strategic planning, business assessment, market intelligence and transaction diligence disciplines

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that business decisions are informed by an objective perspective grounded in experience, insight and analysis. With that in mind, Winterberry Group’s capabilities are structured to deliver our clients maximum value—leveraging the collective expertise of our senior consultants, as well as a set of research methodologies specifically geared to the advertising and marketing communities.

Corporate Strategy

The foundation of our consulting practice is corporate strategy. With a set of solutions engineered specifically to support the needs of the markets we serve, we work in close collaboration with our clients to help articulate core competencies, identify a range of strategic alternatives and build comprehensive, actionable growth plans that consider real-world market dynamics and the ever-changing needs of both marketers and consumers.

Our core consulting services include:

  • Business Assessment, including current situation/SWOT analysis, competitive landscape assessment, sector performance and financial benchmarking
  • Strategic Development, including our proprietary Opportunity Mapping methodology to articulate company growth planning across capabilities, channels and geographies, demand analysis and organizational design
  • Buy-Side Strategy and Target Identification, supporting development/validation of acquisition strategies, target company qualification and transaction execution (through Petsky Prunier LLC)

Transaction Diligence

We leverage our experience, expertise and credibility in support of the private capital community—including venture capitalists, hedge funds, private equity firms and others—to help them to make sound, value-driving investment decisions as they relate to advertising, marketing, media, information and technology businesses.

Our commercial diligence work includes:

  • Marketplace Assessment: Including addressable market, competitive landscape and customer satisfaction analyses (as based on primary research)
  • Target Company Assessment: Including detailed “data room” review and assessment of prevailing strategy, management team, financial condition, customer demand and necessary requirements for future growth
  • Strategic Roadmapping: Development of post-investment integration and/or growth plans with longer-term corporate strategy through proprietary Opportunity Mapping approach

Marketing and Data Transformation

Supporting clients’ abilities to leverage transformative growth strategies, we offer business and process planning—including with respect to data management and activation—enabling clients to get the most out of their organizational assets, resources and marketing goals.

Our marketing and data transformation work includes:

  • System Mapping/Engineering: Evaluation of “as-is” state and near-term growth/improvement opportunities
  • Data Activation Strategy: Analysis of company-wide data assets; identification and prioritization of use cases; mapping of supporting processes, supply chain contributions and technology requirements
  • Marketplace Benchmarking and Marketing Process Architecture: Identification of industry best practices and potential supply-side and technology-driven solutions; engineering of comprehensive transformation solutions at the strategic and tactical levels

Market Intelligence

We maintain an active ongoing research and publishing agenda that complements our engagements and allows our consultants access to senior industry executives across market sectors. 

Our market intelligence work includes:

  • Custom Research: As driven by clients’ internal planning and external messaging needs; common topics include addressable market analyses, media spend projections, customer satisfaction studies and supplier capability reviews
  • Thought Leadership: Development and publication of custom or syndicated white papers on issues of importance to the data-driven marketing communities; speaking/workshop delivery (for employee training, board presentations, customer events, etc.)