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Taking Cues From the Customer: "Omnichannel" and the Drive For Audience Engagement

Conference Presentation June 2013

Webinar slides presenting the “Taking Cues from the Customer: ‘Omnichannel’ and the Drive for Audience Engagement” research findings

The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement

White Paper November 2012

One of the newest ingredients in the alphabet soup, though, shows signs of substantially greater staying power. The data management platform—or DMP—emerged just a few years ago as an ad hoc response to a base-level need: Publishers and marketers are aggregating more data, from more sources, than ever before. And in order to realize the full value of that information, they require a technology-driven solution—a central hub—to seamlessly (and rapidly) collect, integrate, manage and activate those large volumes of data.

This white paper—produced in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau—will explore the mission and likely evolution of DMP technology, as well as the broad landscape of users and third-party developers that have propelled its growth

Rethinking the “Four Ps”: Marketing Operations Management and the New Pathway to Productivity

White Paper April 2012

Increasingly, marketers are looking for a new path to marketing productivity, grounded in the experience of seeing their enterprise peers benefit from holistic process optimization efforts, and focused on the critical imperative that a true “new era” infrastructure be built upon functional pillars that are both stronger and more extensible than those that have supported advertising and marketing execution to date.

This white paper—based on Winterberry Group’s extensive strategic consulting experience in the advertising and marketing ecosystem, as well as a dedicated research effort that included in-person and telephone interviews with over two dozen executive-level marketing thought leaders in early 2012—explores the extent to which that “new era” is truly upon us, and outlines a series of operating principles that marketers should view as fundamental to enabling substantial, profitable change in the years to come.