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In-App Advertising: Defining the Market and Its Unique Dynamics

White Paper December 2015

As consumer consumption habits change, so too do advertiser and publisher strategies for actively reaching their desired audiences. These stakeholder groups are consistently looking for tactics aligned with consumer and market trends that can enhance the value of their marketing spend.

In-app advertising is a high-value, yet underutilized tactic that sits at the center of—and is an active response to—a number of key trends disrupting and shaping the digital marketing landscape, notably: increased consumer time spent on mobile devices, the rise of content and video as an engagement mechanism, and a demand for formats that mitigate fraud.

This paper seeks to provide a better understanding of in-app advertising, its formats, and use cases.

Data as Competitive Advantage

White Paper October 2015

As data continues to democratize—as it grows in both volume and velocity, and as the tools used to support its application grow simpler, less expensive and more actionable—its importance is only likely to grow as a driver of virtually all marketing, advertising and media interactions.

But that growing role, and the growing propensity of both marketers and publishers to adopt the "data-driven" approach, raise a series of important questions: If everyone is turning to information as a bridge to better audience interactions, is there sufficient opportunity for anyone—advertiser, marketer, digital media provider, technology developer—to leverage that information for unique competitive advantage? How can that opportunity be unlocked? And what are the key ingredients to a lasting business edge built upon the foundation that is audience insight?

This white paper seeks to provide answers to those questions, clarifying the role that data plays in driving competitive business advantage across a range of advertising, marketing and digital media use cases.

Big Data, Big Dollars: U.S. Targeted Marketing Data Expenditures, 2010-2015

Conference Presentation February 2015

Presented by Bruce Biegel at RampUp! 2015

Marketing Data Technology: Cutting Through the Complexity

White Paper January 2015

Data and technology. Together, they’re upending the worlds of advertising and marketing. No longer just the province of the direct marketer (and recognized as the linchpin of the burgeoning "programmatic marketing" practice), consumer data is growing to support programs that span virtually all digital and traditional media.

But, today’s technology landscape is dauntingly complex. This white paper seeks to clarify how marketers are reconciling these questions and complexities as they seek to advance their utilization of consumer data technology used to support advertising and marketing functions

2015 Annual Outlook: What to Expect in Direct and Digital Marketing

Conference Presentation January 2015

Presented by Bruce Biegel at the DMCNY Luncheon 2015

The Global Review 2014 Appendix: Marketplace Snapshots

White Paper November 2014

Market snapshots across each of the 17 countries surveyed in “The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising”

The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising 2014

White Paper November 2014

Everywhere around the globe, across virtually all vertical markets and business functions, one marketing truth has emerged as universally clear: data matters.
Across each of 17 different global markets, our panel of data-driven marketers, technologists and service providers echoed those themes with overwhelming resonance. Though they come from different countries (working across various vertical markets, and representing disparate constituencies of the marketing economy), they were loud and clear in their consensus on a number of key issues.

Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World

White Paper July 2014

Humor sometimes has a hard time cutting through language and cultural barriers. But it’s no joke how the proliferation of data and technology is reshaping the media business. Publishers are looking to build audiences defined by specific interests and behaviors. Marketers are aiming to engage with consumers across devices, points of sale and geographies. And technology developers, agencies and other service providers? They’re racing to make all of it happen.

Who Owns Customer Data? Marketing and Tech Duke it Out

Conference Presentation January 2014

Presented by Bruce Biegel at Direct Marketing News’ Marketing and Tech Partnership Summit

2014 Annual Outlook: What to Expect in Direct and Digital Marketing

Conference Presentation January 2014

Presented by Bruce Biegel at the DMCNY Luncheon 2014

Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

Conference Presentation November 2013

Webinar slides presenting the “Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement” research findings

Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

White Paper November 2013

Transformative advances in data and technology have positioned the digital media ecosystem at the verge of an effective tipping point. At its apex: widespread adoption of the programmatic approach, through which media buyers and sellers align organizational processes with automation technology in support of ongoing, channel agnostic customer engagement (and allowing for the continuous optimization of that effort as business strategies evolve).

This white paper, published in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will explore these dynamics and present a snapshot of how industry constituents are practicing "programmatic" today.

Outlook 2014: Data-Driven Marketing in an Omnichannel World

Conference Presentation October 2013

Presented by Bruce Biegel at the DMA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL

The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of "Big Data"

Conference Presentation August 2013

Webinar slides presenting the “The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of ‘Big Data’” research findings

The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of "Big Data"

White Paper July 2013

This white paper, produced in partnership with the Direct Marketing Association, will explore the current state and likely future evolution of marketing data governance strategies that enterprises are deploying to maximize the contribution, value and integrity of their customer information assets.

Taking Cues From the Customer: "Omnichannel" and the Drive For Audience Engagement

White Paper June 2013

Omnichannel is difficult. It calls for the careful orchestration of owned and independent media, data, technology, creative assets, workflows and other overlapping resources. It requires fundamental changes in behavior from marketers (and media providers, and technology suppliers, and agency partners) who’ve been accustomed to—and often dependent on—a wholly different working approach for decades. And it seeks to achieve value through a premise that’s so simple— "Let’s actually think about how we interact with our customers"—that it typically presents little in the way of tangible next steps for practitioners to use as a roadmap for transformation. For all the challenges it presents in execution, there has never been a better time—or a greater need—to embark on the paradigmatic change represented by the omnichannel approach.

Taking Cues From the Customer: "Omnichannel" and the Drive For Audience Engagement

Conference Presentation June 2013

Webinar slides presenting the “Taking Cues from the Customer: ‘Omnichannel’ and the Drive for Audience Engagement” research findings

The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement

White Paper November 2012

One of the newest ingredients in the alphabet soup, though, shows signs of substantially greater staying power. The data management platform—or DMP—emerged just a few years ago as an ad hoc response to a base-level need: Publishers and marketers are aggregating more data, from more sources, than ever before. And in order to realize the full value of that information, they require a technology-driven solution—a central hub—to seamlessly (and rapidly) collect, integrate, manage and activate those large volumes of data.

This white paper—produced in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau—will explore the mission and likely evolution of DMP technology, as well as the broad landscape of users and third-party developers that have propelled its growth

Rethinking the “Four Ps”: Marketing Operations Management and the New Pathway to Productivity

White Paper April 2012

Increasingly, marketers are looking for a new path to marketing productivity, grounded in the experience of seeing their enterprise peers benefit from holistic process optimization efforts, and focused on the critical imperative that a true “new era” infrastructure be built upon functional pillars that are both stronger and more extensible than those that have supported advertising and marketing execution to date.

This white paper—based on Winterberry Group’s extensive strategic consulting experience in the advertising and marketing ecosystem, as well as a dedicated research effort that included in-person and telephone interviews with over two dozen executive-level marketing thought leaders in early 2012—explores the extent to which that “new era” is truly upon us, and outlines a series of operating principles that marketers should view as fundamental to enabling substantial, profitable change in the years to come.