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How Contextual Targeting Will Upgrade Your Ad Targeting Toolkit in 2022

Marc Grabowski, GVP of Global Advertising Sales, invited Charles Ping, Managing Director of Winterberry Group, and Chris Swarbrick, Managing Partner, Ad Tech Strategy and Coordination at Omnicom Media Group, to join him for a webinar on contextual ad targeting.

The three advertising veterans discussed major shifts happening across the adtech industry and offered key insights into how contextual intelligence solutions can be leveraged to improve ad targeting strategies.

The webinar comes at a critical time for marketers as we move into this new era of adtech. The loss of third-party cookies combined with consumer privacy legislation and the proliferation of media channels has created multiple challenges for brands. In the face of so much disruption, many advertisers are reconsidering the benefits of contextual targeting as they search for new ways to connect with their audience and expand their reach.

Watch it here.