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In-App Advertising: Defining The Market And Its Unique Dynamics March 2016

In his recent article on the growth of in-app advertising, Winterberry Group managing director Michael Harrison writes, "The public is consuming media like never before, and their media habits, activities, and preferences change rapidly. Today’s consumer is increasingly mobile-first, is spending more time in-app, is watching a significant amount of digital video, and is more open to viewing contextually relevant advertising, especially in exchange for content and access."

2016 Will Be a Growth Year in Marketing Spending

Direct Marketing News February 2016

Where will U.S. marketing spending grow in 2016? The more expedient question, perhaps, is which channels won't see spending increases in 2016. Winterberry Group predicts increases in marketing spending on the majority of marketing channels—the exceptions: marketing spending on cinema, insert media, and radio will stay flat; magazine and newspaper spending will decline (by 1.9% and 6%, respectively).

Is Second-Party Data Worth a Second Look?

Direct Marketing News January 2016

Winterberry Group senior managing director Bruce Biegel maintains that programmatic second-party data is fancied-up co-op advertising. “It's just a different way of buying it, but it's a one-time use data exchange. It's co-op as a model, with a different set of rules,” he says. “You're taking something complex and overlaying the data so you can target buyers you wish to interact with, while making the process easier and keeping it anonymous. But it still goes back to RFM [recency, frequency, monetization.]”

What Marketing Data Really Counts?

Cybertrend December 2015

There are essentially three types of marketing data—first-, second-, and third-party—all of which have exited in some form long before the explosion of big data. “First-party data is that which you collect, compile, and own on a proprietary basis,” says Margulies. “A customer fills out a registration form, or signs up for your loyalty program, comes to your website and browses different pages, fills in a shopping cart, and so forth. You collect information from all of those transactions. That’s first-party data.”

There Is a Third World Lacking Third-Party Data

Direct Marketing News December 2015

“In some countries, there just isn't as much data out there. It can't be transacted from one party to another like it is here,” says Winterberry managing director Jonathon Margulies. “In the U.S., third-party data is a huge focal point, but in Argentina there's barely a quarter of the market doing anything with it. Conditions differ greatly by market.”

Second annual global review of DDMA: Data continues to grow in importance for marketers

Campaign Brief December 2015

Says Jonathan Margulies, managing director, Winterberry Group: "Both data and the practice of 'digital' represent an industry transformation that is truly global in its scale. And our second annual study reveals a wealth of commonality of experience, learnings and challenges between marketers around the world. Data is adding value to enterprises across the globe and the research offers an important validation of how responsible marketers intend to use, and safeguard, data for the betterment of consumers' everyday brand interactions."

Report: The Promise Of Big Data Is Recognized But Rarely Realized

Marketing Land October 2015

A new report from the Winterberry Group and IAB, “Data As Competitive Advantage,” explores the role of “big data” within organizations. While interviews and survey respondents polled for the report find data generally to be a “competitive advantage,” the results of the research overall present a more mixed picture.

Does Everyone Want Out of the Agency Business? [Tracking Trends at #MirrenLive]

Hubspot Blogs May 2015

Bruce Biegel of the Winterberry Group echoed Palazzo’s statement and added that interest in the marketing sector has increased because of a few reasons. Digital and especially data-driven marketing spend is increasing and is expected to continue to soar.

Big Money for Big Data: Marketers Will Spend $11.5 Billion in 2015

Direct Marketing News February 2015

Spending in [display ads and email] combined will nearly triple, Winterberry Group's Bruce Biegel told attendees of a LiveRamp Summit in Santa Clara yesterday.

The Data-Protection Paradox

Direct Marketing News March 2014

“The issue of data privacy is a paradox right now,” says Rich Walker, managing director of Winterberry Group. Walker makes a compelling point. After all, marketers use data to make their advertising and marketing relevant, which is what customers want; data usage restrictions designed to address consumers' privacy concerns could result in less relevant marketing that would actually upset consumers.

Recent Reports: Audience Precision is Driving Programmatic AdBuying in Digital – Setting the Stage for More Interest-Based Ads

About Ads Blog February 2014

New research from The Winterberry Group is pointing to an important trend for advertising and marketing in 2014: that programmatic ad buying is driving a greater proportional share of digital media spend than ever last year, and this trend is continuing. Further, such buying is focused on “audience” buying, rather than channel, and that such precision in audience spending is expanding to all channels of marketing, both online and offline.

Is Our Future Programmatic?

ClickZ February 2014

One of the promises of marketing automation software is, of course, the "automation." Marketers take full advantage to improve efficiency and augment our staff. Some aspects have "set it and forget it" components - like search optimization and email trigger messaging.

Have We Achieved ‘Peak Mail’?

Target Marketing January 2014

In a recent presentation to the Direct Marketing Club of New York, Bruce Biegel of The Winterberry Group, saw direct mail spending in 2013 actually grow by 1.2 percent, and is projecting another 1.1 percent uptick this year. (Postage hikes in 2013, and coming in 2014, well exceed both these growth percentages.) “Direct mail should be growing because it works,” Biegel said as he announced his findings and projections. “Digital doesn’t do enough in customer acquisition.”

2014 Is All About the Benjamins, Forecast Shows

Target Marketing January 2014

Biegel’s picks for top 2014 trends are: content marketing, postal price hikes threatening direct mail, increased programmatic display ad buying, enhanced attribution driving more “digital spend,” social targeting with customer relationship management (CRM) data going mainstream, online and offline data continuing to merge, campaign management platforms evolving to support omnichannel execution, video, marketing talent changing, and consolidations and “significant” companies going public.

2014 Market Outlook: The Early Strong Start Will Continue

DMA January 2014

Thankfully, when GDP accelerates, we see business and consumer confidence rise and advertising spending goes up, too. “2014 is off to a good start already, and we expect to see this continue,” said Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director of Winterberry Group, the research and marketing consultancy, at the “Outlook 2014” luncheon of the Direct Marketing Club of New York (Thursday, January 9th), sponsored by Alliant.