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Winterberry Group’s research initiatives include a wide variety of reports, white papers, issue briefs and conference presentations prepared independently and sponsored by clients in every sector of the advertising and marketing industries.

Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director, is currently featured as a Spotlight Columnist on Direct Marketing News. Click here to see Bruce discuss Big Data, Related Use Cases, Marketing Data Governance and more.

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Our most recent research reports include:

White Papers

(In partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau)
The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement
(In partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau)
Rethinking the “Four Ps”: Marketing Operations Management and the New Pathway to Productivity
(Sponsored by The Buffkin Group and Group O)
From Information to Audiences: The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases
(In conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau)
The Multichannel Revolution: New Media, New Approaches, New Opportunities
(Sponsored by Brown Printing Company; July 2011)
Customer Experience Marketing: Realizing the Promise of Dynamic Interactions
(Sponsored by Epsilon; April 2011)
The Changing Mission of Marketing Data
(Sponsored by Acxiom Corporation and Netezza Corporation; September 2010)
Beyond the Grey Areas: Transparency, Brand Safety and the Future of Online Advertising
(Sponsored by AdSafe Media; April 2010)
The Data-Driven Web: Targeting, Optimization and the Evolution of Display Advertising
(October 2009)
Creative Workflow Management: Bringing Science to the Art of Brand Execution
(Sponsored by Kodak: July 2009)
A Channel in Transformation: Vertical Market Trends in Direct Mail 2009
(February 2009)
State of the Agency: Digital Marketing and the Technology-Driven Ecosystem
(September 2008)
A Strategy for Savings: Postal Optimization and the Future of Direct Mail
(Sponsored by Direct Group; March 2008)
Digital Marketing Services Transaction Activity: Transforming the Marketing Landscape
(Sponsored by Petsky Prunier LLC; February 2008)
Vertical Market Trends in Direct Mail 2008
(January 2008)


Conference Presentations


Petsky Prunier Deal Notes