Winterberry Group

Our Work / Market Intelligence

Sound strategic planning relies on the integrity of information. Without it, critical assumptions, growth estimates and market forecasts reflect little more than a series of guesses.

For that reason, Winterberry Group maintains a research agenda paralleled by no other consulting firm serving the advertising and marketing industries. Every year, our analysts conduct in-person, telephone and online interviews with thousands of service industry executives, high-profile marketers and other influencers—all with an eye on understanding the true drivers of current and future business opportunity in the markets we serve.

This research fuels the results we deliver through our consulting work, as well as our general perspective on trends and dynamics in the marketing industry. But we also apply this information to focused research deliverables that serve the needs of marketing companies demanding very precise, focused insights. These studies typically reflect a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Advertising and marketing spending breakdowns and forecasts
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Emerging technology applications
  • Legislative/regulatory issue reviews
  • Service provider capability analyses
  • Sponsored issue advocacy/white paper publishing
  • Vertical market dynamics