Winterberry Group

Our Work / Corporate Strategy

The foundation of Winterberry Group’s consulting practice is corporate strategy. With a set of solutions engineered specifically for the needs of advertising and marketing companies, we work in close collaboration with our clients to help articulate core competencies, identify a range of strategic alternatives and build comprehensive, actionable growth plans that consider real-world market dynamics and the ever-changing needs of both marketers and consumers.

Business Analysis: Value Driver Assessment

Winterberry Group’s Value Driver Assessment process has one mission: to identify the key dynamics that either support or inhibit a company’s ability to grow its value. Through the lens of 16 unique “value drivers”—each reflecting our clients’ core competencies as they relate to customers, internal business process, financing and human capital—we integrate and interpret data collected through an exhaustive research process to benchmark performance against those attributes associated with industry leaders. With that foundation in place, we then:

  • Analyze the current situation relative to the client’s internal capabilities and competitive market position
  • Summarize the critical success factors, risks and opportunities facing the client; and
  • Recommend strategies and tactical initiatives necessary to enhance and maximize value.

Strategic Development: Opportunity Mapping

Opportunity Mapping is the collaborative process through which Winterberry Group helps clients chart a course to enhanced value that is both comprehensive and actionable. Working with a foundation of insight gathered earlier through the Value Driver Assessment process, we begin by examining critical elements of a company’s organizational, operational and financial structure to determine where it stands in relation to market leaders. Once those core value drivers have been identified—along with those gaps that could potentially limit strategic options and execution—we work with senior management to define a clear and concise strategy to create sustained value. Specifically, we:

  • Identify the range of available customer, channel and capability expansion opportunities
  • Map the opportunities and their interrelationships for discussion with senior management
  • Prioritize the best strategic options for profitable growth over both the short and long term.

The Opportunity Mapping process combines market intelligence, competitive analysis and business assessment to derive a coherent picture of the potential strategic initiatives a company can undertake given its capabilities, long-term objectives for shareholder value and the market environment within which it competes.

Buy-Side Opportunity Identification & Transaction Support 

Sometimes organic growth options just aren't enough—clients may demand service solutions that you don't have and competitors may already be in market with attractive alternatives. So when acquisition is identified as an important element of a business’ growth plan, assessing and capitalizing on a successful transaction opportunity requires a combination of thoroughly vetted research and mergers and acquisitions know-how. With our heritage in corporate development—bolstered largely through our affiliation with Petsky Prunier LLC, a leading investment bank serving the advertising and marketing industries—Winterberry Group offers its clients a robust package of capabilities engineered to result in a successful deal that meets the value objectives of both buyers and sellers. Among other services, this typically includes:

  • Development/refinement of precise acquisition strategy (either independently or in conjunction with master corporate strategy)
  • Research into prevailing target industry dynamics and trends, including comparable recent transactions and associated valuations
  • Determination of relevant target company selection criteria
  • Investigation—via primary and secondary research—into business characteristics and overall suitability of potential acquisition targets
  • Outreach, on our client’s behalf, to primary acquisition targets for the purposes of establishing a initial mutual dialogue.

In conjunction with Petsky Prunier LLC, we also offer a wide range of traditional buy-side investment banking support services that help guide our clients to a successful transaction.

Business Process Re-engineering & Enhancement  

Building the right strategy is the first step in enabling corporate success. But putting that blueprint into action requires a holistic, long-term approach to business planning that considers both external opportunities as well as internal process design in the decision making process.

Grounded in the principles of System Mapping and intensive gap analysis, Winterberry Group’s business process engineering & enhancement offering helps clients build efficient, effective operating structures that are geared to achieve superior business results while maximizing the contributions of employees and resources across the organization. Working closely with our client’s senior leadership and line-of-business or functional managers, we:

  • Map current-state (“as-is”) business processes according to a set of rigorous protocols
  • Identify and prioritize both known and latent opportunities for improvement, typically reflected in communication and handoff gaps as well as process “workarounds”
  • Design and test a revamped “could be” business structure, integrating our knowledge of marketing industry best practices at every step in development.