Winterberry Group

Our Work

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that business decisions are informed by an objective perspective grounded in experience, insight and analysis. With that in mind, Winterberry Group’s capabilities are structured to deliver our clients maximum value—leveraging the collective expertise of our senior consultants, as well as a set of research methodologies specifically geared to the advertising and marketing communities.

The core of our consulting effort is corporate strategy—helping companies in our target industries understand their addressable markets, assess growth opportunities and build a comprehensive, cohesive plan to maximize their potential and build shareholder value.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of market intelligence solutions designed to help companies gain insight—whether through landscape analysis, vertical market studies, issue-specific research or other approaches—and empower meaningful competitive advantage. Finally, we blend both strategy and intelligence into our comprehensive mergers & acquisitions due diligence support offering, addressing the intensive informational requirements of private capital firms considering new or assessing existing investments in the advertising and marketing industries.