Winterberry Group

Our Markets

Winterberry Group's consulting practice is exclusively devoted to the companies, issues and concerns of the advertising, marketing, media, technology and information industries.

These are the markets where our founders and senior consultants have deep expertise and years of experience. And because they are the only markets we serve, we're able to bring a dimension of insight to our engagements that few other firms can provide.

Understanding Our Industries

Put simply, the firms in our addressable universe are those that  are either marketers themselves—working to promote their own products or services to existing and new customers—or they are the companies that support this work through a wide range of media, technology and data solutions.
While many still think the archetype of the advertising and marketing industries is the ad agency—the old-fashioned laboratory of creativity where slogans and jingles are crafted to grab attention and drive consumers to the store—the rise of digital media (and the proliferation of consumer data that came along with it) has changed the game. Today, marketers have the ability to understand much more about their target audiences, enabling them to present relevant and impactful marketing messages at a variety of touchpoints. But executing sophisticated, next-stage audience engagement requires a host of process, technology and media solutions.
In an attempt to deliver on these aims marketers now spend over $300 billion annually on media and related services. We work with the companies that facilitate the efficient investment of those dollars, helping them optimize processes and develop strategies to drive value.
Specifically, our markets can be broken down into five core categories: