Winterberry Group

Careers / What We Seek

Management consulting is a challenging pursuit, calling on a wide range of personal and professional competencies. In a “boutique” setting like that offered by Winterberry Group, the demands are even greater—our team members must bring extraordinary research, analytical and problem-solving skills to bear (as well as unique perspectives on the markets we serve).

The array of challenges a Winterberry Group consultant faces on a daily basis is wide-ranging and dynamic. But just as there is no single educational track that can prepare one for the range of life’s obstacles, no single set of credentials really prepares one for a career in our business. In fact, our team members represent a range of educational, professional and personal backgrounds. What binds us all together—and what ultimately distinguishes those candidates we ask to join our ranks—is a relentless sense of intellectual curiosity, a commitment to unraveling complex business issues and a passion for the advertising and marketing businesses we serve.