Winterberry Group

Careers / What We Offer

A dynamic, fast-paced yet intimate workplace. A constantly changing array of intellectual hurdles that reflects the range of issues confronting our clients. And a package of compensation and benefits that rivals any in our industry.

The challenges and demands placed upon members of the Winterberry Group team are significant. But we believe that the rewards of the experience—both tangible and intangible—more than justify the investment. In many ways, a career with Winterberry Group offers the “best of both worlds” compared to large management consulting shops and niche consultancies:

  • Our work environment is small, collegial and highly entrepreneurial
  • We leverage our collective expertise—which we believe to be the most highly concentrated source of strategic insight in the advertising and marketing industries—to provide actionable counsel grounded in hard data and experience 
  • Our exclusive focus on just one industry provides a measure of credibility that no generalist consultancy can match
  • Our focus on marketing and advertising—two disciplines that cut across all other vertical markets—allows us the unique opportunity to analyze and address common challenges in multiple different contexts 
  • Our focused approach to addressing client challenges (and desire to maximize our clients’ investment in us) allows us to eschew the traditional consulting work models that call for near-constant travel
  • Our worldwide scope and range of capabilities provide the opportunity to work with clients around the globe on engagements that are intensive, time-sensitive and driven by specified objectives.