Winterberry Group

About Us / What We Do

Every Winterberry Group engagement is different. But ultimately, all of our clients share a common set of goals: to improve their performance, capitalize on emerging opportunities and grow their value.

Objective, Informed Perspective

In an increasingly complex business environment, it’s difficult to accomplish those things without an objective, informed perspective. That’s what Winterberry Group brings. Honed through years of operating experience and over 250 intensive consulting engagements, we offer our clients expert insight on the trends and issues impacting corporate value in the advertising, marketing, media, information and technology industries. We help them make intelligent business decisions about their company’s future. We help them gain a critical competitive advantage grounded in information, experience and process discipline.

But rich domain expertise only scratches the surface of the value we bring to clients. Since we work exclusively in the advertising and marketing world, we know the companies, influencers and dealmakers who matter most. And whether we’re compiling primary research for a new white paper or identifying potential synergies for buy-side M&A activities, we constantly turn to them for both up-to-date insight and direct feedback on potential strategies and business initiatives.

That’s a dynamic combination that no other consulting firm—in or outside our industries—can match.

Specifically, our consulting competencies fall into four major categories:

Corporate Strategy

  • Business Assessment: Situation analysis, competitive landscape assessment
  • Strategic Development: Growth planning, marketplace benchmarking, needs analysis
  • Buy-Side Strategy and Target Identification: Develop and validate acquisition strategy, target company research, outreach via Petsky Prunier LLC
  • Data Governance Strategy: Analysis of company-wide data assets, identification and prioritization of data use cases

Market Intelligence

  • Custom Research: As driven by client needs; common topics include addressable market analyses, media spend projections, customer satisfaction studies and supplier capability reviews
  • Thought Leadership: Development of white papers and published research reports on issues of importance to our addressable industries

Marketing Process Engineering

  • System Mapping: Evaluation of “as-is” state and identification of near-term improvement opportunities (on both “cost” and “revenue” sides)
  • Marketplace Benchmarking: Identification of industry best practices and potential supply-side and technology-driven process solutions; engineering of solutions that require contributions from multiple supply chain and technology partners
  • Holistic Marketing Process Architecture/Optimization: Prioritization of critical strategic and tactical priorities; process engineering at both general and granular levels

M&A Transaction Due Diligence Support

  • Marketplace Assessment: Including addressable market, competitive landscape and customer satisfaction analyses (as based on primary research)
  • Target Company Assessment: Including detailed “data room” review and assessment of prevailing strategy, management team, financial condition and necessary requirements for future growth
  • Strategic Roadmapping: Development of post-investment plan; longer-term integration and corporate strategy planning